Community Plan

In April 2010 the Paulton Community Plan was published, following analysis of the questionnaires and discussion of the draft report with all the agencies tasked with the actions.
Anyone who would like to read the final Community Plan
can download it by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

To see a June 2011 update of the progress of BANES committments in relation to the community plan, please click on the 2011 file, also at the bottom of the page.

 The Progress Report for the Plan to April 2012, can be seen by clicking on the file at the bottom of this page, together with Community Plan Status summary

Action Group Contacts:



As a result of the meeting held with the volunteers who came forward to get involved in implementing some aspects of the community Plan, five community action groups have now become established, on the following topics:


Community Café
Liz Hardman
01761 412758

Community Website
Susan Burnett   
Community Clean-up
Pam Leah
01761 471828
Sustainable Living
Jane Stephenson
01761 419416

A Community Speedwatch Group was formed and was active for a time but has now ceased.


The Speedwatch group did not progress very far because of three main elements:

1. No volunteers

2. The police refuse to monitor 20 mph limit areas

3. You are not allowed to operate a speedwatch in a 20 mph area.

So effectively it has been discontinued some while ago and so it is inappropriate to show it as a live group with contact details and it would be appreciated if those can be removed.

Two of the groupe did take up the lorry watch out of that work but although we did get some volunteers to help with that none of them ever reported suspected offenders to us and so effectively it was just two of usI running it. However after 6 months the police decided they would no longer be supporting it because they claimed that of the 147 vehicles reported only 10% were offenders. This was very frustrating because their data base clearly showed that they had issued warnings to 28% of the 138 they had been able to contact. Even more frustrating was that, by chance, we happened to follow 10 offenders who passed straight through the village without stopping but when contacted by the police they all claimed to be and were reported back to us, as on legitimate business!! Clearly these were false reports and If that same percentage of false feedback was carried through to all 147 suspects then the offender rate would have been 90%.

We have perceived an increase in suspected offenders since the Lorrywatch was discontinued and we are thinking of carrying out a day long vigil to identify exactly how many certain offenders there are on a typical day with a view to raising the issue again - If we can get back the enthusiasm in view of the history.

We have however continued involvement with Traffic matters and are working with B&NES & Paulton Councils on the current plans mainly around making the whole village a 20mph area.. 



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