Paulton Amateur Swimming Club


Paulton Swim School

Paulton Amateur Swimming Club is a registered Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) Swim School and in being so, offer Swimming Lessons to anyone 5-16 years old, whatever ability in the water.

We encourage confidence in the water, enjoyment of swimming and associated water fun, not just stroke development and stamina.


Value for Money

We are the lowest priced lessons in the area because our sessions are run by a team of volunteer swim coaches who are trained to Amateur Swimming Association standards.

We offer in-the-water support with swimming assistants, as well as poolside coaching, with an average ratio of 1 swim teacher to 4 pupils plus 1 or 2 swimming assistants.



Our focus is to impart a love of swimming, an ability to swim efficiently and as our youngsters progress through the club they can get more involved as a Swimming Assistant and once 16 years old, they can train as a Swimming Teacher with a 50% bursary from the club to aid funding the training.


So, if you’d like to find out more – please ring or text the Club Secretary on 07759 144107

or email