Paulton's Apprentice
On Friday 21st November apprentice Luke Batchelar of Paulton was invited to a grand selection evening to find the best apprentice for the South of England. 
Luke, a Paulton lad has attended Paulton schools and Somervale.  After completing a course in Bristol, and work with Mr. Valentine (from Paulton Scout group) Luke took up an apprentice appointment with PRW electric Services - a company of qualified, reliable and experienced electricains operating in Bristol , Weston super Mare and the South West.  So impressed were the company with his work that he was nominated for the award of best apprentice in the South of England.  After completing various tasks and presentations Luke was selected as WINNER and will, in the New Year, be competing for the title of BEST APPRENTICE in the UK.  We wish him every success.  Well done Luke. 

 From Paulton Junior School - Green Flag Award

The Eco Committee are both proud and delighted to announce that following our inspection last week by Eco Schools, we have successfully been awarded the prestigious Green Flag Award. This is in recognition of all the hard work that we do as a school to promote sustainability through activities such as Switch off Fortnight and our new food recycling scheme at lunch time.



Volunteers needed for First Aid Course - if you are interested please contact John Bowell for further details. (01761 416127)

Samantha Terry who lives in Paulton runs a non profit trapeze school in Temple cloud.
Links can be found on our business page.

Sing along of songs - from the war years


In Holy Trinity Church, Paulton, on Sunday an event was held to commemorate the life of ordinary people through the songs of the war years.

Going to war was a grand adventure, a chance to travel and meet new people and so the mood of the time was optimistic and upbeat. The event kicked off with lively choruses like 'Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag' and 'It's A Long Way To Tipperary.

Popular music reached the average working man of the time through the music halls at which a performer sang a number of verses and the audience, like us, joined in with the repeated chorus of items such as 'Daisy, Daisy' and 'I'm forever Blowing Bubbles '

By and large few people choose to write about the darker issues although for the soldiers with little to do in the trenches, adapting ditties became a popular habit.  They weren't always 'polite'.  Fortunately  nobody from the audience offered any less appropriate variations.


As the event moved onto the second world war the mood changed. The audience were invited to sings songs of a more sentimental nature, followed by groups of comic songs and defiant songs like, 'Run Rabbit Run'.  The event concluded with a patriotic finale. 


Additional songs were provided by the Holy Trinity Church Choir with leader and pianist, Kevin Burnett, the Starlight Singers and pianist, and the Just Us flute group. Poems written for the event by  Hazel Williams were read by John and Rebecca Cobb

A large number of people attended this  occasion and they enjoyed the refreshments provided by Doreen  Holly and the team. A special thank you to Susan Burnett who organised and led the sing along.


Candle Lighting in Paulton

As a mark of respect to those who died in World War One, a special remembrance service was held on November the 11th at the War Memorial in Paulton. Twenty eight candles were lit to commemorate the death of those who died in World War ONE, with 2 other candles being lit, one to commemorate those who died and one to commemorate those who returned. The simple service was organised by Dave Hamblin, who read out the names of those who died and PiPP, led by Hilary Smyth, Becky Parker  and Haley Shackleton who lit the candles to commemorate those who died.

Sign up now for.....
Paulton's Pyjama Walk!
Sat 29th Nov 2014 - after the light turning on ceremony!
Raising money for Logos House, Salvation Army in memory of Dale Chapman - Chartiy No 215174.
Starting at Hub Grub @ 17.30 pm 
Finishing at 'The Lamb Inn' with free nibble.

Sponsor forms are chargeable at £5 with a minimum of £20 sponsorship required.
Walk is approximately 1 mile long.
No insurance will be in place for this event.
1 child can join in free with a fully sponsored adult
More details and forms at the hub
Tescos and Somer Valley food Bank

Tesco is holding a special 3 day collection for the foodbank in order for them to stock up for the Christmas period.  This will be on Thursday 27, Friday 28th and Saturday 29th November. 
Please give generously.


Scenes of  Paulton's Remembrance 9/11/14

Beau Street Hoard Attracts Crowds to Paulton

If you weren’t’ in the Village Hall on Saturday the 8th, you missed an interesting and fun exhibition. The Beau Street Hoard of Roman silver coins arrived in Paulton and was enjoyed by nearly 200 visitors throughout the day. The Heritage Lottery Fund have given a large grant to B&NES which will finance the conservation of these coins and enable this exhibition to be taken to  the outlying villages and communities.

Paulton History Society arranged Saturday’s event. The coins were mostly silver and dated from 32AD to 295AD. A selection of the 17,577 coins was on display and could be handled by the visitors. Bob Piper (pictured) of the University of the 3rd Age said “This has been a shared learning project between the U3A and B&NES, where we have provided resources for documenting and photographing these coins”.

As well as viewing the Roman coins, hands on activities were organised for the many children who attended such as minting their own coins and participating in an archaeological lucky dip, organised by Cllr John Bull, also pictured. 

Reuben pictured with his mother Hazel Rowcliffe celebrated his 8th birthday in style as he enjoyed the activities. Also pictured is Isaac Christian one of the trained workshop leaders who led many of the hands on activities.

PiPP  (Pride in Paulton Partnership) kindly provided refreshments) with the home made cakes cooked by Becky Parker (chair of PiPP) also pictured.


Messy Play Returns to Paulton


Paulton’s Messy Play restarted this Thursday and was an instant success! Parents, grandparents and carers arrived with their children in large numbers to avail of all the facilities on offer. Paulton’s Messy Play event had only been possible due to the hard work of Charley O’Connell and her committee of volunteers and the advice and support of BANES’ volunteer organiser, Phil Birch. Well done to all. Messy Play takes place every Thursday from 10 am onwards in Paulton’s Scouts and Guides Hall.


What Paulton's Junior School is doing......

News in brief

During November children are  holding a World War 1 day.  They will be attending school in period costume and learning about the period.

They are also exploring where our food comes from with visits to our local Tesco's. They will be making their own bread, cheese tasting and discovering about fruit, veg and fish.

They will be raising funds for CLIC Sargent by holding Big Breakfasts before school.

Christmas Tree Gifts Clip Art
A Christmas Celebration
starts this week
at Paulton's Charity shop
supporting the hospital.
There's Christmas shopping, cards toys ,trees decorations etc.
as well as the
Grand Christmas Raffle

Paulton quizzical raised £250
which will be presented to
Pride in Paulton Partnership
who work so hard in making Paulton a village to be proud of.
The winners were 'The Paulton Pilchards' followed by ' The Hopefuls.'

NCT - New group of crafty mummies
meeting at Red Lion
A new group to awaken that craft goddess in you! (and also an opportunity to get out of the house in the evening and meet other mums)

There is no particular theme to our meets, just bring your project along for a knit/crochet/sewing, brew and natter!! Skilled advice available.

Please contact us for details and to let us know you’d like to come along:
0844 243 6224 /
or Facebook us:

Members and non-members and babes in arms too - all welcome!

We have moved venue to the Red Lion in Paulton, 8-9.30pm, on the first Tuesday of each month.



Messy Tots Fundraising Paulton

Messy Tots which is fund raising to keep the Universal Service of Messy Play open to all in Paulton and surrounding areas, held a fund raising event at The Red Lion Pub, Paulton.Many thanks to Lianne, landlady of the Red Lion (pictured) who offered the Red Lion’s facilities free to the group.An Auction of Promises stall was sponsored by local businesses, such as “Tea and Cake at the Hub”, a gift from” Pre-Loved” and Farrington’Flower Cabin Arrangement". Many Craft Stalls were present including Face Painting, Sweet Stalls and Card and Baby Clothes stalls.

Present were B@NES Councillors Liz Hardman and John Bull who commented “We have been very concerned that due to the cuts imposed by the  Lib Dem administration, universal services like Messy Plan in Paulton have been stopped. We are so delighted that parents in Paulton have organised themselves to insure Universal Services such as messy play continue for all. Well done to Charley O’Connell and her committee who organised this fund raising event. If you were not able to attend, you can still give a donation to :

Messy Plan will start again at Paulton Scouts and Guides Hall Nov 6th at 10 am.All welcome

Parish Councillors Meet School Councillors in Paulton


Paulton School’s Councillors met up with members of Paulton Parish Council to discuss ways of improving Paulton. Les Wild introduced members of the Parish Council and said ”We are like you as we are Councillors. We try to make this village a very nice place to live in and to go to school”


The Parish Council wanted to hear from the pupils what ideas they had on improving play equipment in the park, on stopping dog fouling and on commemorating WW1.There was a huge response from the pupils with lots of ideas. Ideas such as a quiet area in the park and a play area just for little children. Les Wild explained that a new fitness area was being planned for the park which might encourage more older children to use it. Daniel was keen to have Park Rangers so that people wouldn’t allow their dogs to foul and kids could feel safe. Ciara and Rose were keen to have trampolines. Freya thought a special dog area where dogs could play would be good and to have CCTV cameras to keep a check on activities. Ava would like a tunnel slide. Jack would like a nature area with a greenhouse. Marian Wild (Parish Councillor) explained that the Parish Council would be taking over a wildlife site close to the Bovis Homes development, so this could happen soon. The pupils were handed postcards produced by Gail Garlick as part of Paulton’s commemoration of WW1,showing the names of the 28 soldiers from Paulton who died in WW1.  Liz Hardman (Parish Councillor) explained that there was a “special” Paulton stamp on the postcard.  All Councillors decided it would be a good thing to hand these out to all children in the school. Zak thought these postcards would help pupils understand more easily what happened in Paulton in WW1. Les Wild, Chair of Paulton Parish Council thanked the pupils and their teacher, Jo Chapman and promised he’d be back soon for more ideas on how to make Paulton a better place to live.


Donations can be made via our churches.

_______                                                                           ___

Police Updates

Eight things your bank will never ask you (but a fraudster might)



We have recently been experiencing (nationally) increased incidents of

fraudulent calls whereby offenders call the victim under the pretense of being

from the police. The caller is very often very convincing and well-practiced in

their act. They may claim your card has been cloned and they have an offender in

custody or that your account has been attacked in some way. They may even give

you a false police crime number. The most convincing part of the fraud is when

the caller asks the victim to call back another party such as the police or

their bank to confirm things.


A phone line can stay live for approximately 2 minutes after one party puts down

the receiver. By using this, if you make your call within these 2 minutes, the

caller can either listen into your call to the bank to get vital information or

even intercept a call to act as the police confirming their own false



To avoid being a victim of this latest tactic please disconnect your phone at

the wall, wait over 5 minutes before calling or use a different phone such as a

mobile before calling your bank or the police following one of these calls.

Please call the police on 101 to confirm the legitimacy of any calls you receive

fitting the above description in the manner explained above.


The UK's big banks have published a list of eight things they will never ask you

to do via phone or email. They are;


1.            Ask for your full Pin or any online banking passwords over the phone or via


2.            Send someone to your home to collect cash, bank cards or anything else

3.            Ask you to email or text personal or banking information

4.            Send an email with a link to a page which asks you to enter your online

banking log-in details

5.            Ask you to authorise the transfer of funds to a new account or hand over cash

6.            Call to advise you to buy diamonds, land or other commodities

7.            Ask you to carry out a test transaction online

8.            Provide banking services through any mobile apps other than the bank's

official apps


Please protect yourself by following by following the below link to further




If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you can call

anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111.  For general

information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally see the



 _______                                                                           ___

Would you like to advertise your business at Paulton Pool? Just £50 a year for a 20cm x 20 cm full maintained tile on poolside in full view of all our spectators including the parents of the 502 children we know teach weekly! Please contact if you would like to a tile.
Click here for Paulton Pool


A recent letter in the Journal congratulated Paulton Parish Council on some of it's sensitive restoration projects.  We particularly like this one.

We are less impressed by this new build......

Have you any comments regarding the buildings in our village?


Thieves are targeting red diesel from plant and agricultural vehicles across the area, it is believed that the thefts are occurring late at night or early hours under the cover of darkness.  Please reportWoman Police Clip Art anything suspicious, attached is a leaflet with advice on how to protect against rural crime.      


If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you can call anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111.  For general information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally see the




Gold for Paulton a Tremendous  Community

says South West in Bloom

At Trowbridge, last Thursday,in just two years of entering the “South West in Bloom” competition, Paulton was awarded the highest standard Gold. Not only that, Paulton won the Sargent cup for “Outstanding Effort”, obtained a special award for its unique poppies (both flowering and woven)won eleven awards in “It’s your neighbourhood competition”, four awards in the “Bath in Bloom” competition” (with Lyn Madden gaining gold in the winners’ categoty) and Paulton Junior School is “Outstanding”, having being awarded gold and coming first in the schools’ category.Even our cake for the cake competition made by Sarah Cole and donated by Mike Cole came third.

 The judges commented that there  have been impressive changes in Paulton over the past few years but what is special about Paulton is its “Tremendous Conmmunity” They mentioned in particular the fabulous hanging baskets, Paulton School’s involvement in planting the flowerbeds by the Co-Op ( and thanks to Jo Chapman and Haley Shackleton for organising this), our impressive recreation field and outstanding quality of our cemetery, (thanks to Paul Davidson and his team) the tremendous support of Paulton Parish Council and in particular its chair Les Wild, the unique scarecrows in the Memorial garden (made by Noah’s Ark pre school) and that The Hub, with Hub Grub Food, is not only very enterprising but has become the focal point of our village. Finally the judges said “Your strength is your community and the extent of your community involvement really shows, from the Junior School, to The Lamb and Red Lion Pubs, to the spectacular War Memorial Garden , having the Church Bells rung, involving the Fire Brigade, the Tennis and Cricket clubs,  involving the Starlight Singers as a flash mob and ending the morning in Dr.Miall’s beautiful garden with spectacular food courtesy of the ladies from the Methodist Church.

Many of these changes have been brought about by a group of dedicated people called PiPP(Pride in Paulton partnership) who are out planting, weeding, pruning Tuesdays and Fridays (pictured above in purple).Becky Parker (chair) and Gail Garlick (secretary) commented “We were thrilled to get gold for this exceptional community in Paulton and surprised but delighted to be awarded the Sargent Cup for the best entry in the competition”


Marie Curie Cancer Care is seeking volunteers


Marie Curie Cancer Care is looking for volunteers in Pensford, Temple Cloud, Clutton, Bishop Sutton & Paulton  to look after collection tins placed in shops in these areas.


Marie Curie Cancer Care provides free high quality nursing to terminally ill patients in their own homes. The money generated by the collection tins will go towards providing care in the BS39 area and last year Marie Curie cared for over 10,596 hours

 in the Bristol area. This is a great opportunity to become part of something that will really make a difference to others.


It will be the responsibility of the volunteer to visit the shops around every 3 months, ensuring that all tins are correctly labelled, sealed and secured as necessary. They could develop relationships with each of the sites to help us gain continued support for the charity. This activity can fit into their spare time as and when.


By sparing a little time, someone will be doing something extremely worthwhile, whilst also gaining valuable experience in fundraising activities. It is also a great way to meet new people.


Anyone interested in finding out more, please call Natalie on 0117 9247 275 or email our office ( to find out more.






 For full details of any of our clubs and societies please view and click from our clubs and societies page.  We try to ensure that all details are up to date.  If you know anything to be incorrect please let us know.  If you are an organiser of a club or society please keep in touch with us and tell us what you are doing.  Please try to check regularly that the details of your club are current. 


Please note we try to feature 'open events' here.  Details of 'bookable' events are in the news column.


Saturday 29th November
..........And at the HUB

Christmas Gift Surprise

Children are invited to come and buy a Christmas present for Mum/Dad or Carer. It will be gift wrapped so that the adult will not know what the gift is.


Paulton's Pyjama Walk!
Sat 29th Nov 2014 - after the light turning on ceremony!
Raising money for Logos House, Salvation Army in memory of Dale Chapman - Chartiy No 215174.
Starting at Hub Grub @ 17.30 pm 
Finishing at 'The Lamb Inn' with free nibble.
Sponsor forms are chargeable at £5 with a minimum of £20 sponsorship required.
Walk is approximately 1 mile long.
No insurance will be in place for this event.
1 child can join in free with a fully sponsored adult.




Fri 5th Dec

Paulton Junior School

 Christmas Fair 3.15pm


Holy Trinity Church


Sat 6th Dec 10.30 – 4.00pm

Sun 7th Dec 2.00 – 4.00pm

Tue 9th Dec 10.00 – 11.30


Wednesday 10th December


Thurs 11th Dec 9.00 – 11.30

Fri 12th Dec 10.30 – 12.00



Sat 13th Dec 10.30 – 4.00pm

Sunday 14th        

Holy Trinity Church         

 Morning Worship Service 11am               

Sun 14th Dec 2.00 – 4.00pm

Sunday 14th       

Baptist Church             

Christmas Nativity Puppet Show at 4pm

Sunday 14th       

 Methodist Church            

Children’s Play at Tea Time at 4pm


Mon 15th Dec

Paulton Junior School Lower School Concert.

6pm in the Methodist Hall. All welcome.


Tue 16th Dec 10.00 – 11.30


Wed 17th Dec

Paulton Junior School Upper School Concert.

6pm in the Methodist Hall. All welcome.


Thurs 18th Dec 9.00 – 11.30

Thursday 18th     

Methodist Church           

 Carols by Candlelight in the Wesley Hall 7.30pm


Fri 19th Dec

Paulton Junior School's  Bling Your Bike or Scooter Day


Fri 19th Dec 10.30 – 12.00


December 19th – Christingle Service

Holy Trinity Church


Sat 20th Dec 10.30 – 4.00pm


Sunday 21st         

Baptist Church             

Traditional Carol Service 10.30am

Sunday 21st       

Holy Trinity Church         

 Holy Communion Service 11am

Sun 21st Dec 2.00 – 4.00pm

Sunday 21st       

Holy Trinity Church         

 Candlelight Carol Service 6pm

Sunday 21st        

Methodist Church          

 Traditional Carol Service 6pm


Carol singing at the hub

Wednesday 24th December

10.30am  till 11am Holy Trinity Choir and friends
11am  till 11.30am Methodist Starlight singers
11.30am  till 12pm Baptist Band and friends

 The money that was raised will go to Christian Aid.

Wednesday 24th    

Holy Trinity Church      

Christmas Midnight Communion11pm

at High Littleton

Wednesday 24th   

Methodist Church            

Crib Service-

Children & Adults dress up


Wednesday 24th   

Methodist Church           

Christmas Midnight Holy Communion


Wednesday 24th   

 Roman Catholic Church    

Christmas Midnight Mass St.Hugh’s Church Radstock     


Thursday 25th    

 Roman Catholic Church      

Christmas Mass Holy Ghost Church at MSN 11am

Thursday 25th    

Baptist Church              

Christmas Day Morning Service 9.30am

Thursday 25th    

Holy Trinity Church         

Christmas Day Family Worship Service




Mon 5th Jan

Paulton Junior School Term 3 starts at 8.40am





  Orgainsations:-  Please add your events in Your Paulton Diary. 
If you are not yet able to do this, please contact the web team.
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