The recent pantomime performed at the Wesley Hall by Paulton Methodist Melody Makers raised over £1,700.  £1,000 of which is being put towards a new kitchen.
Many thanks to everyone who supported, from cast to wardrobe assistants and you the audience.

Chicane by Paulton Hospital
 to be removed.
Warning Sign Clip Art
Read more from the Somerset Guardian - click below

Paulton Councillors Welcome Traffic Scheme Changes


Paulton BANES Councillors John Bull and Liz Hardman have warmly welcomed the decision by BANES highways officers to amend the controversial traffic calming scheme through the village.

In particular they support the proposal to remove the buildout opposite the Paulton Hospital and replace it by further signage to indicate the gateway to the 20mph zone.


Cllr John Bull said: Liz and I have campaigned against the location of the buildout by the Hospital together with the Parish Council and Paulton residents since it was installed. This is a victory for common sense since this  particular buildout actually reduced safety rather than enhancing it.'


Cllr Hardman added: We support the principle of the 20mph limit but some of the implementation was to be deplored.Together with other minor adjustments proposed this shouldnow reduce speeding and rat-running and make Paulton a safer place.'



Running Blue Stick Man Clip Art

Paulton running group.... have to new beginners tomorrow night (17/3/15) so if fancy joining us and giving it a go. Fire station 19.30


Paulton Infant School celebrated Comic Relief  in school. All donations have been much appreciated. £151.09 has been raised which is a fantastic amount. Thank you to all supporters.



You may have noticed the fencing which has been erected at the bottom of the Memorial Park.
This is in preparation for the installation of some
Fitness Equipment
and it is hoped that this will be finished and ready to use within the next two or three weeks.

From Paulton Pool.......
Joining a gym or starting a fad diet or fitness programme? It's a simple fact that a bit of regular execise makes you fitter and stronger for life and burns off calories - whether its to lose weight or to simply allow you to indulge in the treats we all love!

Buying a 10 card swimming voucher is the best value solution - use it when you want for the session you choose to suit you, whether its a serious session or just some quiet social pool time! Why not gift one to someone you love! Ask a member of staff for details.


My Style Gym
OPEN 1000-1500 SUNDAYS
Unit 35
Old Mills Trading Estate
For details of other clubs and societies concerned with fitness please click the clubs and societies link at the top of the page

Donations are collected by the local Churches and Tescos.  We have observed that Tescos tends to add a donation proportionate to the amount of food which is donated to their store, so we recommend taking your donations there.
The Paulton web team

Final Boxbury Hill Speech from Councillor Liz Hardmann

BOXBURY HILL : Even more houses for Paulton!

Does Paulton really need an extra 124 homes built on the one piece of visible green land between Paulton and Midsomer Norton? This greenfield site is an important buffer between Midsomer Norton   and Paulton.Is the shortfall in housing land so acute, that it justifies the loss of this green space?Do we want the setting of Old Mills Batch, a much loved local landscape feature, harmed?

The Developers’ counsel seemed to think building on Boxbury Hill would not affect the separate identities of Paulton and Midsomer Norton, although she did concede it would add to the urban sprawl of Midsomer Norton , as it inches towards Paulton.

It is also argued the batch would still be visible, despite the 124 homes being built in front of it on its eastern side.


Liz Hardman

Paulton Junior School can now truly be

regarded as one of the very best schools in the country having just been awarded

outstanding in every single area of its most

recent Ofsted Report.


B&NES Council Budget includes

£1.771m for four extra classrooms and a hall extension at

Paulton Junior School

_______                                                                  __

B&NES is offering free motor bike training courses.  Contact
Irene_stewart@bathnes.gov.uk for further details

Courses run 'til end of March 2016


Paulton library is run by BANES and staffed jointly by library staff and
volunteers to enable it to stay open for longer. Most volunteers come in for
one 2 hour session per fortnight. Benefits include giving something back to
 the community and adding a valuable work experience to your CV if you are
job hunting. Around 6 people have achieved employment following
volunteering at The Hub.

if you like meeting and helping people and have some basic IT knowhow,
please consider joining us.

You can call in at The Hub an
d pick up an application form or apply online
at http://www.vol-centre.org.uk/ Tel 01225 338105

Helen Beckwith

Senior Customer Services Officer


Boxbury Hill Speech (by councillor Liz Hardmann)


Firstly, we are not NIMBYs in Paulton. In fact we’ve already built or committed the 2470 homes required by policy SV1 in Paulton,Radstock and other areas in the Somer Valley. In Paulton, on top of the 650 homes we are committed to building or have built on the old printing works, we’ve also being required to build an additional 50 homes.We’ve delivered double that, 100, which is why we don’t need any more homes.

Our Batch is an iconic landmark feature.It is not a fine work of architecture, but it is widely visible and distinctive.In the Paulton Village Design Statement, it is referred to as a legacy of the mining area, one of the very few that remain.This area has changed so much over the past 40 years. We used to be a thriving industrial community with a balance of mining, open space, industry and countryside, with printing works and boot factories. This Batch is one of the few reminders of this industrial heritage and as such is of great communal value.This heritage is passed on to the next generation, as all our children in Paulton Junior School in year 4 are taught about our mining heritage and how the Batch came about.

One of the specialist advisers for the developers described the Batch as an “Eyesore, made up of discarded waste rock”which is an insult to our residents, for whom it is a much loved local feature, a landmark of much communal value.  So we agree with what BANES  Council has said “We need to protect and enhance the distinctive character of the area with this distinctive landmark feature”

As part of our WW1  commemorations, our Paulton committee designed a postcard remembering all those who died in WW1.We realised there was nothing to show the post card was from Paulton, so we designed a stamp, with the Batch on it and you can see how important the setting of the field is in front of it.Every child in Paulton will receive one of these postcards.This shows so clearly how 124 homes would affect the setting

of the Batch.

If the appeal is allowed,the setting of the Batch would be radically and permanently altered by the housing in front of it.Because of the sloping nature on which the field in front of the Batch is located, it is more prominent than that of a flat site, which means the 124 homes would be very visibly prominent.We’ve been told that development  which adversely affects open spaces that make a contribution to the character of a locality should not be permitted. In which case this Appeal should not be allowed.

Finally Boxbury Hill is an important buffer between Midsomer Norton and Paulton and halts the creeping urbanisation of Midsomer Norton towards Paulton. This is not a “modest extension” as some of the developers’ advisers think, but will prejudice the separateness of the 2 settlements of Paulton and Midsomer Norton. We’ll soon be looking at Midsomer Paulton.

To finish, on your site visit, please also look at the situation of Monger lane, which is about 100 metres across the road from Boxbury Hill.Before we were protected by our Core Strategy, planning permission was given to 135 homes.People from these homes will egress onto Phillis Hill.Of the 124 homes planned for Boxbury Hill,people from 114 of the 124 homes will also egress onto Phillis Hill.The local infrastructure just won’t be able to cope with all this traffic as our area becomes one large dormitory town.

 New Paulton Business


The council is now welcoming grant applications from Paulton inhabitants seeking to benefit the community in some way.

Click the council link at the top of our page


Volunteers needed to help with collections for the The Royal British Legion 2015 - please contact the Parish Council Office in the first instance if you are able to assist

From our councillor Liz Hardmann..................

BOXBURY HILL : Even more houses for Paulton!

I attended the appeals hearing on Boxbury Hill on 5th & 6th February. Matters being debated were:

Does Paulton really need an extra 124 homes built on the one piece of visible green land between Paulton and Midsomer Norton? Do we want the setting of Old Mills batch, a much loved local landscape feature, harmed? These were the arguments put forward by BANES.

The Developers’ counsel seemed to think building on Boxbury Hill would not affect the separate identities of Paulton and Midsomer Norton, although she did concede it would add to the urban sprawl of Midsomer Norton , as it inches towards Paulton.

She also argued the batch would still be visible, despite the 124 homes being built in front of it on its eastern side.

The Appeal continues on 25th Feb when your local councillors, John Bull and I, and other local speakers will argue against this development. I will report back on this.

Liz Hardman


Wells Cathedral Visit On Wednesday 4th February a group of Paulton Junior pupils took a trip to Wells Cathedral. It was a wonderful experience. It felt magical to step into an 800 year old place of worship. We saw the scissor arch and all the pretty glass windows, we heard the famous clock strike 5. The choir must practise very hard to sound so good, they sing a cappella and the music washes all around the cathedral and up to the heavens. A special prayer was said just for us! Maybe you could go one day, it's free and fun.

By Miranda Entwhistle and Rebecca Dixon in 5W.

7 children represented Paulton Junior School at Bath Sports Centre on Tuesday in an indoor football tournament. They played 5 matches winning four and drawing one. This culminated in a 6-0 victory over Newbridge Primary School, Bath to take the title as BANES Schools Champions


Buildings Clip ArtBuildings Clip ArtBuildings Clip Art
Copy of speech on Boxbury Hill Development from John Bull
Apart from the arguments put by our planners that this development is not necessary to met the requirements of BANES Core Strategy Local residents have three main objections to the application to develop housing on this site:-
  • It is the lossof an attractive green open space which separates the two communities of Paulton and Midsomer Norton and is outside the present housing development boundary of both.
  • Building on this site would damage the setting of the Batch, or spoil heap, which has been preserved as an important reminder of the mining heritage of the somer Valley.
  • There is no room in the Paulton Schools for the number of children likely to be resident in the new development.

I would like to concentrate on the last point, which is similar to what was discussed with regard to Abbott's Farm last week.  In this case Edward Ware is claiming that the children concerned could find places in Midomer Norton schools, which are closer to them than to Abbott's Farm
However these school are across a very  busy main road (the A39) and it is therefore highly likely that children attending them would be transported in parents' cars, thus undermining the sustainability argument for this site.
However, even assuming that there are sufficient placed in the Midsomer Norton primary schools for the numbers of children likely to be living in xxx houses the arguments against this proposal are as compelling as the 'solution' which Edward Ware is proposing for Abbott's Farm Close.  First of all, admission policies may mean that children at the other end of Paulton may have to give priority to Boxbury Hill children so damaging the cohesion of the village as with Abbot's Farm  However, even if it is only the Boxbury Hill children which have to be transported outside Paulton the situation will arise where an estate which in terms of social and other amenities looks to Paulton will find its children having to make friend and social links with another community in Midsomer Norton.  For this reason, again a damaging effect on the integrity and social cohesion of Paulton, I am opposing this development. 


Pride as Paulton wins BANES  Community  Award

Many  of Paulton’s local groups and individuals were nominated  for the BANES’ community awards  which were awarded last week. To everyone’s delight,  the volunteers of The Hub Library were awarded “Neighbourhood Team of the Year”  (pictured)They were nominated by Helen Beckworth (Paulton Librarian) for the wonderful job they do in staffing the library. Cllr Liz Hardman (pictured) said “It’s an acknowledgement of the tremendous job these volunteers do. We have 30 volunteers who work 35 hours a week to provide this service for Paulton, so it is a well deserved recognition for all they do” Also nominated for “Volunteer Team of the Year”  were “Messy Tots @Paulton” With the cuts to Children’s Services, these Universal Services such as “Messy Play” would have been discontinued in Paulton. However an amazing group of parents, led by Charlie O’Connell have ensured that Messy play continues every Thursday in the Scouts and Guides hall , Paulton, totally run by volunteers.

Also nominated for the “Business in Community Award "was The Hub Grub café,  run by Emma Perry, which has done so much to provide an excellent café in Paulton ,  providing excellent snacks and drinks and putting so much into the local community by providing free craft activities.

Two other Paulton people were nominated for awards as “Volunteer of the Year”. These were Julie Harrington, for all the work she has done for the Girl Guides and Hugh Warren who puts so much into our community through volunteering at The Hub Library, for being a Parish Councillor and also a steward at our Methodist Church.

Finally George Batchelar was nominated for a “Lifetime Award".

George has put so much into our community as a Governor for many years at Paulton Infant School, for being treasurer of the Scouts and Guides Groups in Paulton, for his involvement in Churches Together in Paulton and not least for all he does as the chair of “Party in the Park” Paulton, which is our amazing annual event to bring together local residents. John Bull commented “ This evening has seen a tremendous boost for all volunteers in Paulton and how highly they are regarded by the general public and by BANES’ Council




Article by Paulton  Councillor Liz Hardman

I attended the four days of the Appeal and thought you’d like a brief summary of the main points.

The Appellants, the Developers, were trying to overturn the BANES Planning decision not to allow new homes on this site in Paulton, and began by alleging that BANES cannot demonstrate that it has a housing supply for the next 5 years. Their barrister sought to demonstrate a shortfall of 473 homes. BANES has been told it must provide 5,062 homes over the next 5 years, and it was alleged that only 4,589 will be delivered. The developers maintained they could show 18 sites where the Council have over-estimated the supply of homes, and alleged that Council information was out of date.

The Defendants, BANES Council, said that if this appeal was granted, it would have devastating effects, not just here, but all over the country, as all three applications to be considered, two in Paulton and one in Chew Stoke, are outside the Housing Development Boundary. The Core Strategy Inspector said in  July 2014 that BANES was assessed as having housing needs which can be met, which is 13,000 homes from 2011 to 2029, and said that in essence, BANES is on target. However, this was being challenged within six months of the Core Strategy being accepted. Our barrister pointed out that this appeal was therefore unnecessary, pointless, and a waste of money.

Regarding the Farrington Rd/Abbotts farm site – the proposal is for 47 houses on vacant agricultural land. It is outside the Housing Development Boundary. The main ground for BANES turning the application down was the lack of primary school places in Paulton. According to the accepted national formula 47 houses would generate 14.7 primary school aged children. Therefore the main issue, as Paulton school is full, is whether they could be transported to nearby schools, and whether this was sustainable.

The developers challenged the five year housing supply argument. There was a debate about how often the progress of the strategy should be reviewed. Reviewing it after 6 months was a bit premature according to BANES’ barrister.

I gave evidence at this point, stating that we in Paulton weren’t “NIMBYs”, in fact single handily Paulton is providing one third of all the homes required by the core strategy in the Somer Valley. Paulton had already built, or planned for 750 homes since 2011, 650 on the Bovis and Barrett sites and 100 on smaller sites. Paulton Infants and Junior Schools cannot cope with any extra pupils and there was no room for any further expansion ( with six extra classrooms built or being built) having already accepted a 30% increase in pupils by 2017/19.

The Developers’ barrister seemed to think it was totally acceptable to bus the extra pupils to the nearest schools with capacity, which were Camely and Camerton. Payment was offered for bussing costs, but only for five years, after which the cost would fall to BANES, i.e. us as the rate payers.

Cllr John Bull raised the issue of social cohesion being enhanced when all local children attend the same school, which is a centre of any community. Two local residents spoke against the development. Pauline Poole and her husband Aubrey  talked at length about the development being unsustainable in terms of the local infra-structure and the dangers posed by the extra traffic on the main road.

The main points in contention appear to be:

Can BANES prove (yet again) it has a sufficient housing supply for the next five years?

Is it acceptable that local children should have to be transported to schools in other villages, the cost of which BANES will have to bear in five years time?


There will be a follow-up site visit in the coming week by the Inspector and legal teams. However, warning, if you do see the Inspector, you are not allowed to approach him!



Cllr. Liz Hardman


“Hold a Fish and Chip Supper to help spinal cord injured people rebuild lives after injury”


Great British Fish and Chip Supper – Friday 15th May 2015


Want to eat Fish and Chips, while raising money for charity? Hold a fish and chip supper on Friday 15th May 2015 whilst raising awareness of spinal cord injury and supporting SIA’s vital services.


You can hold a fish and chip supper in your own home, at work or hold a larger supper at your local community centre.


SIA will provide a fundraising pack containing hints and tips, recipes, invitations and donation envelopes. By inviting 8 friends and asking them to donate an additional £5.00 means you will raise at least £40.00 from your supper but we will also give you additional fundraising ideas to raise even more money for SIA.


In 2015 we want to make the batter matter and raise £40,000 from everyone holding suppers. Last year we raised £20,000 from the suppers.


The money raised from the suppers will help the Spinal Injuries Association offer support to individuals who become paralysed and their families, from the moment a spinal injury occurs, and for the rest of their lives by providing services and publications which enable and encourage paralysed people to rebuild lives after spinal cord injury.

 Every year in the UK over 1,000 people experience a spinal cord injury and there are an estimated 40,000 spinal cord injured people in the UK alone.


Community Fundraising Manager, Elizabeth Wright, says, “The Fish and Chip Supper is a wonderful opportunity for a great evening with friends and family. We are also encouraging people who work to hold a Fish and Chip Lunch in their work places to raise even more funds. You may be even a local community group wanting to run a fun evening with your group.


For more information or request a fundraising pack call Elizabeth Wright on 0845 071 4350 or email fundraising@siafishandchips.co.uk or visit www.siafishandchips.co.uk

Paulton Infant School is collecting Sainsbury's vouchers for active kids. Please help our local school by donating your vouchers.
FREE support to stop smoking from your experienced local NHS stop smoking advisor. 3 - 6 Paulton Hospital Wednesdays or call us. We do lots of clinics, telephone support, offer nicotine replacment on a prescription (could be free). Also help to get off ecig or just reduce the amount you smoke. 01225 831852.

Buildings Clip Art

Copy of speech presented by councillor Liz Hardman re development at Abbott's Farm Close


“We in Paulton, where Abbotts Farm lies, are not NIMBYs!  In fact, single-handedly, we are providing one third of all the housing required in the Somer Valley, around 750 houses, and we are the smallest settlement out of Midsomer Norton, Radstock and Peasedown St John”

As Ward Councillor, and representing PPC, I would like to object against this appeal.

There have been several attempts to gain planning permission on this site in the 1990s and  2005 – all  refused as being  outside the  Housing  Development Boundary, where no buildings were permitted. Also it was argued it would entail an encroachment into the open country side, to the detriment of the appearance and rural character of the area.

So, 650 homes have already been either delivered, or planned for delivery in Paulton, since April 2011. Over the past 3 years, 100 additional homes have now been added (such as Plumptre farm Yard - 12 homes, Hallatrow House -10 flats, 1 bungalow and the site of Bishop’s ex Funeral Parlour Hallatrow Rd- 10 homes) and the list continues, cumulating in over 100 homes that have been built or planned as part of an infilling process or regeneration on brown field sites. These have all been relatively small developments, but added to the 650 homes on the Polestar site, now the Bovis and Barrett homes, they amount to a considerable level of development of 750 new homes in a medium sized village of 5000 people.                                          

I have mentioned these extra developments, as in total these new homes, alongside the 650 homes planned as part of the Bovis and Barrett developments will have a huge impact on Paulton’s Infants and Junior schools. This is the main reason why BANES have rejected this application. The school population in Paulton will rise from 410 in 2012, to 636 in 2019, which is by more than 30%. By 2019, there will be an average of 90 children (an extra 19 ) in all classes from reception to year 6. This means a 3 class entry in each year. This differs from the normal 2 year classes in each year.

If the Abbotts Farm development were to go ahead, this would mean its children having to travel to their nearest local school with available places.

As you can imagine, there has been strenuous opposition by parents to this expansion. They are worried that their children will be lost in a much larger school. However, most are now reassured their children will be much looked after.

So, to provide for these extra numbers, Paulton Infants School has now had 3 extra classrooms built and the Junior School will soon follow suit. There was opposition to this.

In Appendix 4 put forward by BANES (BANES Primary and Secondary Plan 2013 – 2017) including longer term place planning  -  Helen Hoynes said “Paulton Infant and Junior School cannot take any further expansion above that already planned for the existing approved housing as the school sites will be at capacity, and any additional housing would create  the need for additional land and capital for a new school”

This means that for the Abbotts Farm development there are no additional places in the Infant and Junior schools to cope with the increase in numbers.

The building of new homes on Abbotts farm would result in pupils having to travel elsewhere to school.

Again, Appendix 3 showing capacity and pupil forecast information for 11 primary school within 3 miles of the Appeal site  - the nearest Farrington Gurney, by 2016, will have no capacity. High Littleton, the next nearest, from 2014 won’t have any capacity. Other schools, further afield, like St. John’s Church of England Primary, in Midsomer Norton, and Midsomer Norton Primary have limited capacity. All of this means that any extra children from the Abbotts Farm development won’t be accommodated their local school.

And anyway, this is contrary to the principal of sustainable development, which results in more movement by cars, contrary to policies T1 and CF3 of BANES’ Local Plan adopted in 2007 and retained and the  NPPF which seeks to use more sustainable forms of transport.

  So all in all this development would have an adverse impact on Paulton that would demonstrably outweigh the benefits of extra housing.

“Finally,” said John Bull, Labour Councillor Paulton, “there is the problem of flood management. According to PPC, the flood risk assessment does not comply with requirements and fails to demonstrate the feasibility of the drainage proposed. This is borne out by the many complaints from residents to me that the runoff from the development will exacerbate an already serious problem.”

So I think we would all agree that this appeal should not be upheld.



Paulton Library

Paulton library/hub are constantly needing new people as volunteers Would you like to help?


The Library is run by Bath and N E Somerset Council and staffed jointly by Library Staff and our magnificent band of Volunteers.

Most volunteers come in for one 2 hour session per fortnight. Benefits include giving something back to the Community and adding a valuable work experience to your CV if you are job hunting. Around 6 people have achieved employment April 2013 to December 2014 following volunteering at The Hub.


If you like meeting and helping people have some basic IT knowhow then please consider joining us.


You can call in at The Hub any time and pick up an application form and volunteering outline

or you can apply online at http://www.vol-centre.org.uk/  Tel 01225 338 105

A little about Paulton Parish Council

In 1894 Paulton Parish Council was formed and currently has a membership of twenty-one councillors. The parish of Paulton is one of the largest in Bath & North East Somerset (BANES).  Elections for the council are held every four years, with the next one scheduled to be held in May 2015. Paulton Parish Councillors have elected not to receive any remuneration but to give their time, services and skills freely for the benefit of the local community.


If you wish to contact them at any time please use the link at the top of the page.


Find out how well Paulton School is performing!

Performance tables for 2014 results

Click link below, http://www.education.gov.uk/cgi-bin/schools/performance/school.pl?urn=109089

Thank you to everyone who has supported all of the Paulton Schools PTA Christmas events recently. They have raised over £2200. Wow!

Marie Curie Cancer Care is seeking volunteers


Marie Curie Cancer Care is looking for volunteers in Pensford, Temple Cloud, Clutton, Bishop Sutton & Paulton  to look after collection tins placed in shops in these areas.


Marie Curie Cancer Care provides free high quality nursing to terminally ill patients in their own homes. The money generated by the collection tins will go towards providing care in the BS39 area and last year Marie Curie cared for over 10,596 hours

 in the Bristol area. This is a great opportunity to become part of something that will really make a difference to others.


It will be the responsibility of the volunteer to visit the shops around every 3 months, ensuring that all tins are correctly labelled, sealed and secured as necessary. They could develop relationships with each of the sites to help us gain continued support for the charity. This activity can fit into their spare time as and when.


By sparing a little time, someone will be doing something extremely worthwhile, whilst also gaining valuable experience in fundraising activities. It is also a great way to meet new people.


Anyone interested in finding out more, please call Natalie on 0117 9247 275 or email our office (Bristolwiltsfundraising@Mariecurie.org.uk) to find out more.






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Bowling Clip Art

Friday 27th March
Enrolment evening
Purnell Bowls Club
7pm onward
Incl cheese and wine

No need to book - new and current members welcome
Details Don 01761 471019


Saturday 28th March
Charity Line Dance
Paulton Rovers
Dancers pay on entry, spectators can donate
Details Sally 07522674644

Sunday 29th March
Farewell Service for Audrey Simpson
Methodist Church


The Big Blue Community Bus

Spring Playscheme 2015

Wednesday 1st April Paulton Village Hall, Farrington Road, BS397LW

(All days 10.30am – 12.30 and 1.30-3.30pm

Registration from 10.15am - £2 per session - We think!)


Friday 3rd April
Red lion




 Wed 8th April

with Paulton's Botanist

Dr. Helena Crouch


Contact Helena Crouch for more information on any of the walks



All walks are on Wednesday evenings, meeting at 7pm.

 Everyone welcome.

 Some walks outside the CVWG area,

to contribute records to the Atlas 2020 project of the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland.

click here for our link



Clothing Carton Box Full Of Socks Clip ArtJUMBLE SALE

(Raising funds for Paulton Scout & Guide Hall)


From 2-4pm

At the Scout & Guide Hall, Plumptre Road, Paulton, BS39 7RD

Entry 25p – Children Free

Clothes, toys, bric-a-brac, books and much more….

Refreshments available

Contact: Group Scout Leader – Clive Richards

Tel: 0774 9037167



Paulton Baptist Church

Family ‘Spring’ Craft Afternoon

Saturday 11th April

2.30 - 5.30 p.m.

No charge - everyone welcome!



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