School Transport From Paulton To Midsomer Norton

article by Liz Hardman

John Bull, myself (Liz Hardman) ,Miranda Stevens, along with other members of the Paulton  School Transport Committee, have been meeting to try to improve transport for our Secondary School pupils from Paulton to Midsomer Norton. We have met with BANES’ Officers and have agreed the following:

The Somerbus 82 Service will provide its usual service, leaving Hallatrow Road at 8.10. However, if the normal service is overloaded, Somerbus will provide an extra service. It will do this on a day to day basis. It would run immediately behind the normal bus. If a duplicate bus is needed in the morning, a duplicate bus would then run in the afternoon. This additional service will run from Sept 3rd, when all children return to school. It will carry on for 2 weeks to see what the demand is. It will continue if there is a demand for its duplicate services.

A revised First Bus timetable means the 178 will leave the War memorial at 8.12, scheduled to arrive at Norton Hill School at 8.30. If it is late, please late First Bus know by contacting them:natacha.tagholm@firstgroup.com  mobile: 07713321214

Please make use of these buses as BANES has said they should provide affordable, reliable public transport to Midsomer Norton.

However, the transport committee will be scrutinising these arrangements at a meeting on Sept 17th.We will continue to work towards getting an affordable coach to transport children from Paulton to Midsomer Norton and hope to  survey parents in both schools  to find out if there is a demand for a designated school coach.

Best wishes

Liz Hardman,(liz_hardman@bathnes.gov.uk)John Bull (john_bull@bathnes.gov.uk , Miranda Stevens  (chair),other  members of the transport committee: Lisa James, Helen Church Hawkins, Lyn Bolton,Mandy Hockley,


We have received the following information from BANES Council - Somervale has an inset day on Tuesday 1st September and only year 7 goes in on the Wednesday. From Thursday 3rd September Somerbus will have a duplicate immediately on hand.

The duplicate Somerbus 82 service in the morning will be standing by in Paulton in case the normal service is overloaded (ie beyond its legal loading limit, including standing passengers). Somerbus do not want to operate the duplicate unless it is absolutely required but will be observing the loading and will make a judgement as to whether to operate the extra bus on a day to day basis. When required, the duplicates would operate promptly behind the normal service bus

This arrangement will continue through the second week until they know what actual loadings are like.

If a duplicate bus is required in the morning then a duplicate will operate in the afternoon on the return from Somervale School to Paulton.

They confirm that the best way to get to Norton Hill School from Paulton is to use the First 178 service which is the appropriate commercial service for this journey. The 178 service vehicle should have adequate available capacity for these students.

With this duplicate bus and the revised First bus time table we need to see how these arrangements shape up in practice.

As far as we are aware the cost is 75p - £1 per journey. The timetable is on the web sites but as a guide 178 to Norton Hill leaves War Memorial at 8:12 am and Somer Bus to Somervale leaves Hallatrow Road at 8:10 am, both scheduled to arrive at the schools at 8:30 am. Both buses are available to the public as well as N.H. and Somervale children.

Please make use of these buses and let us know of any problems regarding lack of seats or late arrival at the school.

The committee still working to get affordable transport for Paulton children, will meet again on 17th September to discuss how this has worked and the distribution of a survey to capture the views of Parents of all Paulton Children aged between 11 and 18 attending the two schools.



Press Release


“Our Thankful Village”








Contact: Peter Yeates. 41 Riverside Way Hanham Bristol BS153TF

Contact Mobile 07521 372387(Best) Landline 01179 602898   

Email peteryeatesRN@gmail.com 


Press release


The Double Hills Arnhem Memorial Service & Parade through Paulton Village will take place for the 36th year on Sunday 6TH September 2015. Please meet at the Recreation Field, Tenniscourt Lane Paulton by 1.45pm. Some 50 plus Airborne Engineers from the newly named 23 Parachute Engineer Regiment of which the men of 9 Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers are the direct counterparts and comrades of the 21 Men who died at Paulton. The Army Air Corps (Glider Pilot Regiment was part of AAC until 1957) will be represented by 40 newly trained Air Troopers from their base at Middle Wallop.










 “Market Garden” was the British Plan to land an Allied Parachute Army behind enemy lines, capture the vital bridges across the River Rhine, and punch their way into German.

To end the war in 1944, and bring the boys home.

On Sunday 6th September 2015 at Paulton villagers, veterans will assemble again. To attend the 36th year, of yet another, Double Hills Remembrance event. It starts with a fly past of Historic Aircraft from the Army Air Corps. The Memorial was established in 1979. It is placed on HRH the Prince of Wales land where the Glider crashed. Prince Charles says, “This piece of land is very dear to me".

 A special land deed was assigned to hold the services there in perpetuity. The trustee of that land together with Peter Yeates is Lt Colonel Nick Nicholls MBE a Veteran Glider Pilot. He is the President of the remaining few Glider Pilots Regimental Association. He is, at 89 the youngest of the Veteran Glider Pilots of World War Two.

The purpose this year is to pay tribute to the “Last of The Few” those remaining Veterans of World War 2 and to remember the fallen. These veterans enabled our country to remain free and finally celebrate the 70th anniversaries of the victories in Europe (May 1945) and Japan (August 1945)

There are only a precious few of these elderly frail veterans now, who remain with us. We must treasure them on Sunday 6th September at Double Hills.

These veterans are now as Somerset’s Harry Patch did a few years ago, “taking their final leave” of us all now.

It is also a tribute to the Relatives of the fallen who always attend Double Hills. Many travelling long miles to do so.

Double Hills needs the support of the local people particularly this year, perhaps not only to support the Memorial. Not only to make sure Double Hills continue but to show their appreciation for those remaining veterans, so few now.

The Glider Pilots suffered more casualties than so many regiments.

Peter Yeates hope everyone will come to demonstrate their thanks.

For these “last of the Few” represent "them all". Those Servicemen, our people, from all our families and the villages who have now left us.

Perhaps to acknowledge the debt we owe to them, and at what better place than locally at Double Hills Paulton.

Every year now at Double Hills we see the few get fewer. In 2014, Glider Pilot Arthur Shackleton attended Double Hills, on parade as always for the 37 years of Double Hills. Sadly it was to be the last time for 95 years old Arthur he died earlier this year.

So “before endeavours fade,” Peter Yeates the organiser asks that everyone makes the pilgrimage to Paulton, to acknowledge what we owe to the remaining few.

We shall have the fly past. There will be the children’s very important tribute, we need everyone to come and take part, particularly all the children to lay poppies. Every child who attends will be able to lay poppies.

It is a sombre occasion in part, but also a chance to stand on a marvellous hillside, and enjoy the hymns, the flypast, and watch the children take part too.

Peter Yeates asks for more choirs to sing, for children to come, it is all free, only donations are requested and perhaps donate for a programme, support the soldiers and cadets, watch the march past through the village but most of show our appreciate for the “ LAST OF THE FEW” 

The frail, nearly all in the 90’s, veterans of World War 2

Lt Colonel Nick Nicholls MBE Army Air Corps –President Glider Pilot Regimental Association (Enlisted 1943 )

End of Press release.





Coins Money Clip Art

Another £4000 is available from the Ward Councillors’ Initiative fund for local organisations in Paulton to bid for. The money should be used for projects or equipment which is not otherwise funded by BANES Council. In the past the money has gone  towards the Party in the Park, Pride in Paulton , the Paulton Youth Club and other schemes such as a shed annex for the Friends of Paulton Hospital Charity Shop and the creation of an outdoor play space for young children at the Wesley Hall. Swimming sessions for disadvantaged children , organised by the Children’s Centre have also benefited as have the Senior Citizens Lunch Club

Cllr John Bull , Paulton Councillor, commented: This is a brilliant opportunity for local sports and social bodies to acquire a small pot of cash to fund a cherished project. We will also be advertising a special surgery at which those thinking of making bids can come to discuss them with us.

His colleague, Cllr Liz Hardman added : Bids must be in by the end of this year so local people should get thinking now about projects where an extra few hundred pounds could make all the difference to getting a job done that will benefit the community.

Paulton people wanting to discuss the scheme should contact the Councillors by email on john_bull@bathnes.gov.uk or liz_hardman@bathnes.gov.uk or can

ring them on 01225 835100  or 01761 412758.Alternatively they can visit us at one of our monthly surgeries to explain the purpose they have in mind for a WCI grant.

John Bull.

Liz Hardman.


There is to be a Public Consultation into proposal to close Bath Magistrates and Family Court.   Click the link here to find out more.    Our councillor, John Bull,  is Chairman of the Community Transport and Environment Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel,  and believes that it is very important that local people make their views known as it is an issue which can have a lot of impact on the effectiveness of ''our local court and the ease with which Bath & North East Somerset residents can access it.”


New restaurant opening in Paulton at the site of the Winterfield Pub
La Campagna

Secondary School Transport
News from Miranda S.

 - Our Cllrs Liz Hardman and John Bull, having consulted with the Committee for School Transport for Paulton children have had a meeting with BANES officers concerning the request for affordable transport to both Norton Hill School and Somervale School. We have been assured that the new time table for First bus will be more reliable for the new term and First Bus will keep it under review and make further changes if necessary. If the bus is late please e-mail natacha.tagholm@firstgroup.com with the information. BANES are under continued discussions with Somerbus who have indicated that they could provide additional transport to Somervale if needed. We, the committee, are not completely satisfied with this outcome. We intend to survey Paulton parents to find out how many children would use affordable school buses/coaches. It will be important to have this information as soon as possible if we are to press forward.

New Business added to our Business Directory

Independent nursing care and support service

Sarah Crosse........................................................... 01761 412042 

If you'd like your business added please contact us.

If you wish to find a business easily we suggest you use the search facility at the top of the page


The link below goes to a B&NES council news sheet which Paulton residents may find useful as it offers information on things to do during wet Summer holidays, tells us about road resurfacing in MSN, tells you what to do if you have not received annual voting registration and gives details of the fun to do B&NES recycle a library book competition. 



New Businesses in Paulton
Now open
Eve's Kitchen in the former Halifax premises
Paulton Kebabs in the former Whitestones
from Paulton musician Susan Burnett....


I'm Susan Burnett.  I teach clarinet, flute and saxophone and I'm looking for local pupils.

I am an experienced and well qualified teacher with up to date child protection training and qualifications.  Much of my work is in schools and homes in Bath and Bristol but as a peripatetic teacher (travelling teacher) I am finding that I am spending increasing amounts of time on the road so I'm looking for more local work. 

If you're son or daughter or even you, are thinking of starting a woodwind instrument this September or indeed you are already learning, will you consider employing me, a teacher visiting at your convenience.   


Susan Burnett



We've just heard from Amy's animal Care who is keen to let residents know that among her services is an increasingly popular house sitting service for people that don’t feel a kennel or a cattery is the best place for their animals, and like the comfort of knowing that their house is being looked after in their absence.

Amy is based in Radford.
Her contact details are:

Links to full details are permanently available on our business page.

From resident and author Mike Tucker ( author Michael J. Rayhill)...

I read with a great deal of interest and delight that the old Paulton Canal Basin is to be reinstated and is indeed being filled with water at this moment in time. Hopefully barges will soon be running through the canal and I am sure that this will delight all those who have an interest, as I do, in Paulton's historical heavy industrial past.

 However, as an author I am mildly disappointed that the now filling canal basin is destroying the very place that major scenes take place in my book "Run Mother To Be". 

 In the book the canal basin is empty with a small rivulet running through the centre that I have named "Seam Brook".  Indeed, in the book I have rearranged the geography in the area quite extensively and have moved the old canal basin up the valley about a mile or so that it ends roughly where the Paulton cemetery is right now. 

 Because of changing the geographical look of the area I have renamed Paulton and called it "Calton".

 Calton is then a purely frictional village in North Somerset heavily based on Paulton and written with Paulton in mind. I include other local villages like "High Littlington" (High Littleton) and "Littleton Stoke" (Limpley Stoke) where the canal basin joins the "Bristol River". Places like Bristol, Bath and Keynsham remain unchanged in the book so I saw no need to change their names.

 My canal basin is also home to a mystical vixen and in my advertising for the book I've referred to it as "The Avenue of Foxes".

 As a writer you can see by filling the coal canal once again it ruins my fictional scenery somewhat.

 Anyway as a Paulton resident I am pleased that they are turning this historic site back into its old glory that will be an interest for local people for many years to come.

 Book is available online from Feedaread, Lovereading, Amazon and is also available on Kindle.

Mike Tucker (also author Michael J. Rayhill)


Stall holders are wanted
Ted's Big Boogie Bounce
which will be raising money of Forever Friend's appeal
£10 a pitch
Saturday 5th September

 Please tell us about your events.

from Linda McGregor

Is there anyone in Paulton who would be willing to knit or make patchwork quilts for Project Linus UK? If so then please get in touch with me. Thank you.

(You'll find her post on our facebook page)

Project Linus UK

Project Linus UK is a volunteer organisation. They aim to provide a sense of security and comfort to sick and traumatised babies, children and teenagers through the provision of new home made patchwork quilts and knitted/crocheted blankets, and give volunteers across the UK the opportunity to contribute to their local community.

Project Linus began in America in 1995 when Karen Loucks saw a newspaper article showing how much a comfort blanket had helped a child cancer victim and decided to organise blankets for her local children’s cancer unit and started spreading the word. Since that time over 4 million blankets and quilts have been delivered worldwide. The organisation began in the UK in March 2000 as a result of a quilter’s desire to help children in need. There is now a large network of volunteers across the UK who donate their time and skills to create beautiful blankets and quilts.



Seeking to recruit from Paulton Residents......

Dangerous Plant Grows in Paulton
July 13th.
The Daily Mail and the Bristol Post are both carrying stories of horrific 'burns' and blisters being seen on children after touching Giant Hogweed. 

It's not a great picture - our photographer didn't want to get too close - but this was taken last year to the left of the Winterfield Inn.  There is much more at the spot this year. 
Hogweed usually grows on river banks.  We haven't seen any in other places in Paulton but do take care. 

If you see it, please contact the council.


SPONSORED WALK  -                                   Saturday 15th August        

                                  Last year   Holy Trinity Church Paulton held a sponsored walk followed by a BBQ in support of The Street Pastors. This year we are planning another one, and we would love you to join us.

Sue Reed and Kathy Redman have planned a lovely route around the Paulton Countryside and we hope to raise some money for their 2 chosen charities - 

   & the  

RUH forever friends appeal

There will be a nice picnic lunch laid on at Paulton Church and a terrific BBQ after the walk - courtesy of Tony & Kathy Mayley (£5.00 per head, and Bar)

So - Please Register for the walk (see events column) and come and join us - and if not, maybe support us by publicising the event and / or sponsoring someone else 
( and come to the BBQ anyway !!)

Best Wishes,

 Mark and everyone at Holy Trinity



Highways Meeting

The Highways Meeting scheduled for 14th July has now been cancelled.  The next Highways Meeting will be held on Tuesday 13th October 2015. 


Paint Pals

Six children from Year 5 visited Bloomfield Care Home as part of the ‘Paint Pals’ project which is ran by the charity ‘Alive’ and funded through Comic Relief funding.

The project involves children from Paulton Junior School paired with elderly people from Bloomfield Care Home spending time painting together. The children have loved having this opportunity and the residents have really enjoyed their company and companionship.


The Summer Reading Challenge starts on Saturday 11th July. To complete the challenge you need to read at least 6 books over the summer and collect stickers along the way. Read all 6 books and get a wristband, medal and certificate! The challenge ends on Saturday 12th September.

At the Infant school there will be a special Reading Challenge Celebration assembly in September at which children can bring in their certificates and medals and have them shared in assembly


Crossing Patrol Vacancy

Please contact Beryl Miles at BANES Council, if you are

interested in this role, on 01225 477000.


Paulton Pool
Holiday Games Sessions starting on Wednesday 22nd July 3-4pm and then every Wednesday through the holidays! Suitable for 5+ ,£4 per child. Please book as limited spaces available


Paulton In Bloom - The judges thanking everybody for their hard work in supporting Paulton in Bloom.
Their judging route incorporated The Lamb Inn, Paulton Nature Reserve, the Cemetery and the Memorial, The three Churches, The Village Hall and Park, Paulton Schools from preschools to juniors, Cam Valley Tennis club and the Pensioners Club as well as lesser known areas such Collivers Wildlife Fields, Fieldways substation and of course the Fairy Garden. 

The U3A Ukulele group were just one of the many treats laid on for the judges of south West in Bloom 

News from The U3A ukulele group

'News from our group is all good. Our membership has grown to 11 and we have chosen CRAZY FOR UKE as our name from now on. Our first “gig”, at this size, was on 13th April at Radstock WI and we’ve been asked to play at a retirement home in Wells in the coming months as well as playing for the Paulton in Bloom event

Our move to Paulton Methodist primary room has proved ideal (apart from the parking sometimes), but we now have room for new members. The U3A ukulele community is very generous with songs and advice, from which we have benefitted and some of the repertoire of songs is on our U3A website so people can have a look or a try out before they join in.

We have had one music stand donated to us already and could do with a couple more if any are hiding in your loft. For more information ring Sue Green (Group Leader) 410026

More details of Paulton's clubs and societies available by tab at the top of the page.


Buildings Clip Art Buildings Clip ArtBANES Planning Committee has this week rejected the application to build 16 new homes in the paddock of the old Somerset Inn, on the Bath Road.

It may well be that the developer will appeal against this decision, but in the light of our recent successes in resisting the appeals over the Boxbury Hill and Abbott’s Farm developments, we are pretty confident that we can successfully resist any similar appeal for this site, should it be launched.

Cllr. Liz Hardman

Cllr John Bull


from a Paulton resident....

I live on Church Street in Paulton. This evening I had a knock at my door, My partner opened the door to be greated by a young man who held up a sign stating that he was deaf and needed money. 
The man was carrying a folder under his arm, My partner dismissed him before he had chance to show him whatever was in the folder.

I was a little surprised at what had just happened and instantly thought it may have been some sort of scam.
I have searched the Internet to see if anyone had experienced the same thing.

I have found numerous stories which state people coming door to door claiming to be deaf, trying to sell artwork ect.

I would like to make the community aware of this as I am sure door to door begging is illegal. I am worried these people may prey on the vulnerable villagers.

Have you heard of any previous reports of this kind of thing?  We don't know if he's genuine but be aware and stay safe. 


 Please tell us about your events.

Noah’s Ark Fun Day

Over 200 people attended Noah’s Ark Fun day in Paulton. Families enjoyed the sunshine as they bought items from a  jewellery  stall, played tombola and bought cakes,  ice cream and raffle tickets. Pride of place went to the model vegetable animal competition. Judges from Paulton Parish Council, Anne Lyons (Vice Chair) and Marion Wild and Liz Hardman had a very hard job choosing the winning entries. Eventually the winner Mason Hillman who designed an amazing cow was chosen, followed in 2nd place by Thomas Rich with his fierce octopus  and 3rd place to Abel Thankachan who made a ferocious shark.

Kirstie Pitt who runs Noah’s Ark commented “ It’s great to see so many people enjoying themselves and the money raised will be used to buy interactive outdoor equipment using numbers,sounds and letters”

Paulton Library needs volunteers.

Librarian Leaves After Almost 42 Years

June Brassington (pictured) head of BANES Face to Face Operations, has left the Library Service after almost 42  years. Pictured outside The Hub in Paulton, June commented on how The Hub in Paulton had led the way for many other community led ventures. She said” We are so pleased that there is such community involvement with the Library  here in Paulton and that it is located here right in the centre of Paulton”. It was five years ago that the idea of combining a library and Internet café was hatched when  Liz Hardman and June first met. Liz Hardman (BANES Councillor Paulton) said "Paulton owes such a debt of gratitude to June. Without her drive, commitment, vision and enthusiasm, the library would have stayed where it was in a side street and The Hub would never have happened. It has transformed the centre of Paulton”

The Hub Library is still looking for volunteers as at least 6 of our volunteers have gone on to take up paid employment. If interested please pop into The Hub for a form or contact BANES voluntary services.

Pictured Simon Gisborne, volunteer, Liz Hardman, June Brassington, librarian, Mary Piper, volunteer and John Bull

Volunteers needed to join YourPaulton web team

From Claire Reynolds.....A really huge thank you to Paulton today! The infant school raised a massive- just over £188 and the coffee and cake morning and raffle over 500. So rounded up we have raised £800!! £200 will go to the ann conroy trust and £600 to ward 38! Thank you to everyone who donated prizes, brought tickets, helped by making drinks/washing up/wrote and folded raffle tickets, brought cakes at school, shared a coffee and cake, made cakes etc. So proud to say I live in Paulton. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Xx

From Chris Broom...

A group of former pupils of Paulton Secondary Modern School which closed in the early 1970’s are organising a Whole School Reunion at Purnell Cricket Club, Paulton on Saturday 1st August 2015 7.30pm. There will be a nominal entrance fee of £3.00 per person. Anyone that attended the school is welcome to attend.

The organisers, Mrs Christine Broom (nee Macey) from Melksham and Maggie Matthews (nee Bull) of Westfield would like to hear from anyone who would like to join them for a fun evening exchanging memories and experiences. It is hoped that in excess of 150 will be attending.

If anyone has or has access to any old photographs we'd love to see them

New entry on business pages.  Local surveyor.


From Paulton Junior School.......

On Wednesday 17th June 2015, Grace Campbell, Ella Bryant and Jessica Lake went to Norton Hill School to compete in Robot gladiators. The team came 1st and won a gold medal each and a big trophy despite one of their team mates being unable to attend. A Year 5 boys’ team (Tom Gray, Jack Fisher, Henri Abbott and James Baldwin) also attended the event and came 5th.

            The Theatre Royal Bath’s Engage programme will be resident at PJS for the week beginning Monday 22nd June. They are bringing a unique outdoor theatre space, dubbed the ‘Van-A-Torium’, and will be working with all children in the school to develop children’s drama skills and create outdoor performances which parents are invited to watch at the end of each day. They will also be hosting free workshops for parents to attend and develop new skills. 

Mr Mountjoy

We heard the very sad news that Mr Mountjoy passed away last Saturday morning. He had been battling against cancer for some time and died peacefully at Dorothy House.

Mr Mountjoy, who had been our Site Manager for over 10 years, was such a popular, well liked member of our school and he will be missed by all the staff and children. He was a real inspiration to us all not only in the way that he fought against his illness but also because he raised thousands of pounds for cancer charities. He will be remembered fondly by everyone because he was such a great man to know; funny, kind, thoughtful and truly passionate about providing a wonderful school site for the children. We have opened a Book of Condolence which we would like to encourage everyone in our school community to write in. It is located in the school office. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time.


Paulton Parish Council held a Highways Committee Meeting on 9th of June.  9 members of the public were also present.

Among the items  discussed were the Pithay Crossing, Ham Lane, bus services, Gateway signage and Community speedwatch. 

The agenda item raising the most interest was probably the School Travel Plan which caused an adjournement for a 30 minute period in order to allow the public to participate.

Full minutes of the meeting are available on the Council website


Link available top of page to council. Find meetings, agendas and minutes



Paulton business man James Allen is a keen cyclist and is currently embarking on a challenge of travelling from John O Groats to Land's end in order to raise money for a specialist wheel chair for Henry Ford who will soon be attending secondary school.


Pride In Paulton Links with the Junior School
Pupils in year 4 have been working closely with volunteers from PIPP (Pride in Paulton Partnership) at The Hub to create an edibles garden. We have planted corn, lettuce, runner beans, peas, spring onions, strawberries, a variety of herbs and much, much more. Our plan is for the produce that we grow to be picked and eaten by local residents and businesses such as The Hub. We believe that everyone is entitled to freshly grown produce and it is our aim to create a sustainable source of fruit and vegetables for our community. Year 4 are really excited to be working outside, in our community; “I really enjoyed getting mucky whilst planting sweetcorn. I am looking forward to tasting the yummy corn on the cob in a few months time.” Tilly Harris-Weston (4S) “I hope that the community enjoy looking at and eating the edibles that we are growing.” Charlie Hopkins (4S) “It is great that we are helping our community. The PIPP people are doing a wonderful job at improving our environment. I am really proud to be a part of it!” Peter Hockley (4RG) (Above: Y4 at The Hub with PIPP) A

The Ramblers Association have just published a new list of their Wednesday walks(Click 'Clubs and Societies' find Ramblers under 'Adult Sport, Health  and Fitness')

'The Ramblers welcome new walkers.  Try a few walks and if you like the experience join the Ramblers, to access over 500 led walks each week across England. Mid - week walks start at a variety of times, please check programme. We also gather at High Street Car Park, Paulton, (by Golden Fields Chinese Take a Way) to share car driving.'

Please contact us with news from your clubs

Dr Helena Crouch continues to lead the popular botany walks on Wednesday evenings.

Wed 3rd June participants will explore the Avon Wildlife Trust reserve at Folly farm and on Wed 10th June the walk will be at Eddford meadows.

Earlier in the year the group were enthralled to discover Early Purple Orchids in a local wood and the famous Bath Asparagus plant. 

If you fancy joining this or any other Paulton groups click our Clubs and Societies tabs at the top of the page and follow the links.


Have you just moved to Paulton? Welcome packs are available from the Parish Council office

Paulton Clubs and Societies always welcome new members. Browse 'clubs and societies' link at the top of the page.

Buildings Clip ArtBuildings Clip ArtHousing Developments
The unwanted housing developments at Boxbury Hill and Abbott's Farm Close in Paulton will not happen, the developers' appeals have been dismissed.The Inspector rightly decided that BANES did have a 5 year housing supply and dismissed the need for additional housing.This means we have blocked future unwanted housing in Paulton

Need a job doing.  Explore our business pages


News from Paulton Junior School

Charlie McLachlan 5W - Last weekend I travelled with Southampton FC to play in the Westend Cup Football Tournament. I played 5 matches on Saturday and 5 on Sunday against local teams and Bundesliga Academy teams. My team played well and we won the plate competition, I scored 10 goals. I was especially happy as I was voted player of the tournament for Southampton. Afterwards, we toured the city and I saw the Berlin Wall and the Herta Berlin stadium where the Olympics were held. I really enjoyed my trip and look forward to representing Southampton again next season!


My name is Charlie Hopkins from 4S. Last weekend I went to Phasels Wood in Hertfordshire to compete in the 10th National Scout Archery competition through Cubs.

This was my first competition and I have only been training for a few months although I have tried it before at Cub camps.

I competed in Clout, Field and Target. Clout involved shooting at a flag 60 yards away, Field was shooting at targets in the woods at various distances and sometimes having to shoot round trees and bushes, and Target was shooting outside at a target 20 yards away.

When I left to go, all I expected to come back with was a smile on my face, but instead, not only did I come back with a smile on my face but also with two bronze medals. One for Under 11s Target, scoring 114, and one for Under 11s overall.

Charlie Hopkins 4S


Paulton Junior School is a very popular school with an excellent reputation for high standards and an outstanding curriculum  




Paulton Library needs volunteers.

Paulton Library needs volunteers.

 Please tell us about your events.


Link available top of page to council. Find meetings, agendas and minutes

Volunteers needed to join YourPaulton web team

New entry on business pages.  Local surveyor.

 For full details of any of our clubs and societies please view and click from our clubs and societies page.  We try to ensure that all details are up to date.  If you know anything to be incorrect please let us know.  If you are an organiser of a club or society please keep in touch with us and tell us what you are doing.  Please try to check regularly that the details of your club are current. 
  Gardening Shovel Clip Art

Gardening Shovel Clip ArtPaulton  Gardening Club

Paulton  Gardening ClubGardening Shovel Clip Art

Children/Youth Event


Paulton Baptist Church




Saturday 5th September
Ted's Big Boogie Bounce
raising money of Forever Friend's appeal

Paulton Rovers

Paulton Baptist Church


Sunday Sept 6th


 Messy Church


Paulton Baptist Church

The Double Hills Arnhem Memorial Service & Parade through Paulton Village will take place for the 36th year on Sunday 6TH September 2015. Please meet at the Recreation Field, Tenniscourt Lane Paulton by 1.45pm.

Tuesday 22nd September

E-Cigarettes: Friend or Foe?

12.30pm- 2.00pm

 1 off session

Turner Room, Paulton Hospital 



Paulton Baptist Church


Wednesday 23rd September


Macmillan coffee morning

Paulton Baptist Church


Friday 25 Sept

Macmillan coffee morning

Hub cafe Paulton

 Coffee, Cake. Games :

  This is a very good cause so please come in and help make a difference and raise some money.


Paulton Baptist Church


Sunday 27th September

Traditional Harvest service


Paulton Baptist Church



Paulton Baptist Church


Sunday October 4th


 Messy Church


Paulton Baptist Church


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